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Angelo is currently 7 years old and has been diagnosed with monosomy 7/pre leukemia which is a blood disorder that affects his white and red blood count as well as his platelet count. He has been diagnosed with Monosomy 7 since October of 2009. Angelo is neutropenic which means his white blood count is so low that his body cannot fight off any infections or viruses. A simple cold can hospitalize Angelo if actions aren’t taken immediately. Angelo is currently being home schooled in order to prevent him from getting any type of infections or viruses. Once Angelo’s blood count drops below a certain level, he must receive a blood transfusion.This process must be done in order for Angelo to avoid permanent damage to his body or possibly death.

Angelo is currently waiting for a bone marrow transplant. The bone marrow is what produces the body's red and white blood cells as well as platelets. Once a donor is found, the testing will begin on the donor to check to see if he/she is still able to donate. Once the donor has donated the bone marrow, Angelo will receive chemotherapy or radiation for approximately five to seven days. Chemo/radiation will kill all of Angelo's red and white blood count which is needed to transfer the donor's bone marrow into Angelo's body to prevent any complications and to also prevent Angelo's body from rejecting his new bone marrow. After the transplant is finished, Angelo will be staying in Aurora Children's Hospital for approximately 2-3 months depending on how well he recovers from the transplant. Once Angelo is allowed to come home, he will be on 12 to 13 different antibiotics/ medications. Angelo will have many restrictions for about the first year.

The doctors say that it may be a possibility that the Monosomy 7/pre leukemia may come back years down the road even after a successful transplant. The procedure can cost on upwards to $500,000 dollars.We are in need of donations for gas, food, lodging, and medications. This is Angelo's story, but Angelo is not the only child who is going through this situation. Since we have been going through this we as parents have realized there are so many children who are going through cancer treatments. It is very heartbreaking to see it, but faith and prayers will see us through. Please pray for them and their families. We are so blessed to have the chance to share our journey with so many and spreading the knowledge we have gained through these times. Thank you and God Bless!